Five years ago I was completely miserable.  I was a first time mom missing all the firsts, spending more time at work and in my car than with my family.  I was giving my all to my boys, work and friends but feeling like I absolutely failed at all of it.  

My heart just wanted more.  More happiness, more time, more purpose.  Crying everyday in my office, car or closet was not fun anymore (if it ever was) and definitely wasn't a way to live.  

I decided I needed to start by enjoying my job again, but the commute continued to absolutely suck, sometimes being three hours one way. So I found a great job that was new, exciting and much closer to home.  In my overachiever head, less commute meant I got to work more and make my difference.  I would be in the office by 6am, leave around 6pm, do the family thing for a bit and jump back on the computer from 9pm until 1amish.  Go to bed, then get up and do it all again.  Perfect recipe for burn out.  

So no surprise I crashed and everything seemed to be going down the can royally.  I decided again - I needed a new job.  But then it hit me.  It wasn't the job, I did this.

There's a very old saying and a great mindfulness book by Jon Kabat-Zinn "Wherever You Go, There You Are."  Yes, there you are.

And there I was.  Tired and still not being the mom I wanted to be or the leader I should be.  If I leave, who's to say I will not do this again?   I needed to make changes in myself not my surroundings.

If family was so important, why was I not making that time sacred? Why was I still reading emails and taking calls during family time? If I cared about myself, why was I not taking time off and taking care of my body? I needed to re-evaluate priorities and implement boundaries around them.  

And so I did.

I have a completely new life now, more time, presence and motivation in life.   

I am excited to wake up every single day and greet the adventure that is waiting for me.

But my journey hasn't ended, it's just starting and I'm so thrilled to be on it and right here where I should be, with all the twists and turns that have come with it.

Get ready...


Do you yearn for that something more in your life? 

Do you struggle with your role as a professional, mom and partner among other things day to day? 

Do you want to be the best version and show up as the REAL you? 

 It's ok to aspire for more....

It's realistic to have balance...


It's inevitable with aspirations and balance you will bloom like no other and become your ideal self...because you deserve a life you LOVE.

I would love to hear from you...

  • Where are you on your journey? 
  • How can I help you find your path?

Email me at or click here .  

I'm also excited to have launched a community for overworked, role juggling, coffee guzzling, people pleasing ladies out there, never saying no to anyone else except help support you in saying yes to life and saying yes to you so that you can enjoy this ride we are on just a little more (a lot more).

It's your community if you know you're MEANT for more than waking up, doing chores, going to work, repeat.  Life is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT and SO ARE YOU! This is your place to take control back over you life (say goodbye to the same ole' same ole), be supported by others who are on the same path, and learn how to IN JOY your life.

If this is you, join our group by clicking here and be sure to follow me on my facebook page here.


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