Lana Marcus is a mother, wife and professional coach specializing in personal development, life purpose and balance.  She spent many years as a certified public accountant (CPA) before realizing her dream to create more joy and presence in her life and other's.

As a mother, she has two beautiful boys, Brayden and Broderick.  They have been the inspiration for finding greater patience, presence and joy.

As a wife, Lana is married to an amazing man who supports her every decision, desire and dream.  Jerome is a budding photographer who has graciously allowed her to use his beautiful photos for this site.

Among these roles, Lana has also managed an international accounting team at a Fortune 500 company and led a local non profit organization as CFO all while coaching, developing and leading professionals in their personal, professional and organizational goals.

Certified Professional Coach

Lana is a certified through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program that has been identified as one of the leading coaching programs.

Certification through iPEC includes a Certificate of Professional Coaching (CPC), Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and focus on the Core Energy Coaching™ process.

Lana is pursuing a Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) accreditation through the ICF which requires over 750 hours of coaching in addition to other requirements.


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