And the Word of the Year is...


I am inspired by my fellow coaches Wendy Gage and Laurie Buchanan who have held this practice in place of New Year's resolutions.  

It makes complete sense for me.  I have always held that each moment and each day is a new start. Although I understand the symbol of a new year as a blank slate, why should I wait until January 1 to resolve for changes in my life, why not change now?

As each moment already holds a blank slate for me, instead of resolutions for the year, I wanted a reminder word to keep me on track with a focus.  

Last year my unofficial word was authenticity.  Finding out what that means to me, showing up authentically to my friends and family and redefining how I see myself and to thoroughly love and accept myself.  

This year I want to flourish in this authentic self and I want to soar in the possibilities that this year has in store for me.  

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

What word would you like to focus on for this upcoming year?