Morning Do

I am sitting in bed getting ready to start my day. I just realized how much I love mornings.  It's the one time of day that it's so eerily quiet, I can hear my own thoughts. Or maybe my mind and body are still waking up and haven't shifted to the quick pace and multi-tasking of a normal day.

I can actually focus on one thing at a time and listen to my thoughts slowly tumbling around and pay attention to each, one by one. I also love that it's a new day and that whatever happened yesterday is done and I have a fresh new blank slate of a day to do anything I want with and be whoever I want to be today.  That's completely exciting to me and having time in the morning to meditate, reflect and set those intentions really help me to feel grounded and ready for whatever is yet to come in the day.  

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

How do you set yourself up for a successful day or what would help you get started on the "right foot"?