The Patience Hat

If I need a moment or if the boys are getting unruly about wanting something right now, I ask them to please put on their "patience hat".  I can place my hand on their head or they can place their own hand symbolizing this magnificent hat that sits upon their head giving them super human patience skills and ability to keep still and quiet in the moment.  Sometimes they forget they have it on if I'm taking too long or they are just super excited, and just need a gentle reminder to put it back on.  

Now quite understandably the hat isn't meant to be on for an extended amount of time, kids can only wait and hold themselves together for so long, I use it to ward off interruptions while in the middle of an adult conversation with someone or if "right now" just isn't happening.  It's a reminder to the kids that even though they are incredibly important to me and are sometimes the center of my world, they are not the center of the world and being patient and present are wonderful traits they will utilize as they grow and develop.  

I'm also reminded that you can't be too old to wear this hat, as I stand in lines or wait for the inevitable good things in life to happen, I too put on my own patience hat, then sit back and enjoy the ride:)

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

What are some of your favorite ways to develop patience and presence in yourself or kids?