It was probably 1 or 2 am when my kiddo came in after a bad dream.  He was upset and wanted me to tuck him in again.  He kept telling me he was scared and dwelling on his bad dream.  What good does it do to go over it, over and over again? Except to hold him in that space of fear.  

Instead of focusing on his dream, I asked him a few questions:

*What do you want to dream about? Dinosaurs.  

*What do you want to do with your dinosaur? Ride him to see the coconuts.  

*What's his name? Rexie.  

*Tell me more about Rexie.  He's big, he likes to dance, we run...

After switching his pillow with a "good dream" pillow and helping him to visualize his "good dream", he was outtro.

How can this be applied to everyday life?  When we wake up from the mundane or bad dreams we are currently living, can we change them by visualizing what we want to be dreaming of, close our eyes and let it happen?

I think so.  It's not instantaneous but by allowing ourselves to dream we are allowing ourselves the opportunity to open up to change.  

Without a clear vision of what we want it's hard to have focus and make those dreams happen.

I'd love to hear from you in the comment section...

What do you want to dream about?