Yoga Interrupted

Part of my morning routine is to do a few meridian stretches and yoga poses before going into a meditation session.  The thing is, my youngest one is an early riser (as in 6:30 am is "sleeping in").

So if I'm not through with my sequence when I get my visitor, I will sometimes see someone next to me doing downward dog, under me in bridge pose, on my back as I do cobra or in my lap cuddling as I meditate criss cross apple sauce getting my Om on. 

If my expectation was for quiet time alone, it would be understandable to be frustrated and feel as if this time was interrupted and hijacked.  However the purpose of my morning practice is to center myself, get in tune with my thoughts and just be present with what is (that whole mind, body, spirit thing).

As my little partner joins me, I am conscious of a delight going through me that he wants to copy me or sees a fun way to interact with me so early in the morning.  My favorite is having him cuddle in my lap as I meditate - feeling our breathe sync into one, hearing his heartbeat and realizing how precious life is through his small fragile body.  Now that is something to meditate on!

There is a choice in every moment in which we can let our expectations control us and get upset that things or life is not what we want it to be, or we can let go of the frustration and disappointment to live in the moment and recognize what wonderfulness has been brought to us.  

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

How do you choose to experience your moments?