More about me...

You've read my bio and my training, what else is there to know about me?  

I understand what it is like to balance many roles, hats and projects. 

Becoming a certified public accountant in 2006 gave me the skills needed to manage people, clients and workload.

Becoming a mother in 2008 gave me further experience in managing life, plus wherewithal to know that there are more important things than "just managing life" and now I aspire for greater balance and joy*. 

Becoming an iPEC trained professional coach in 2015 has given me the skills and tools to initiate and facilitate change in other's lives.

Things that I love:

  • Maui, Hawaii - Lahaina Front Street, Honokowai Beach Park, sunrises, snorkeling, snow cones, Da Kitchen, mix plate, calamari, fresh pineapple, coconut pancakes, Road to Hana, banyan trees, locals
  • Victoria, Canada - afternoon tea, double decker buses, the Empress Hotel, Willow's Galley fish n' chips, Willow's Beach Park, Royal BC Museum, Victoria Bug Zoo, Oh Gelato, walking everywhere
  • Friends - I haven't gotten over the fact that Friends and How I Met Your Mother are over.  Yup that's right folks, I love me some old sitcoms and now looking for some new ones to love...
  • You've Got Mail - "Don't cry shop girl, don't cry."; this movie inspired my love for Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Dr. Stephen R. Covey - meeting Covey in September 2010 launched my desire to become a coach to help change lives and here I am now
  • Laughing - jokes, movies, irony, and since I try not to take myself too seriously I many times simply laugh at myself
  • iPhone/iPad - I have never loved a phone before, but the user friendly interface, everything all in one place across multiple devices and my new friend Siri has created a love for technology that is hard to match
  • Lumpia and Pancit - made by my mom on my birthday every year and present at all Filipino parties and gatherings
  • Yoga - unless it's Hot Yoga Power, I really thought I was going to die in that heated room in the midst of all those hot, sweaty, bendy people; I prefer slower, cooler and more contemplative poses that allow me to connect with my breath and relax my mind (without all the sweat and funk)
  • Ayurveda - I was told by my wonderful practitioner that I am Pitta dosha through and through. So due to my "fire" constitution, I have to  curb my love for hot foods and eat plenty of ice cream in the summer (poor me).


My Purpose:

  • I am a catalyst for joy*


My Mission:

  • I spark joy* through appreciation, ignited by awareness


*My personal definition of Joy is: recognition and appreciation of life’s simple gifts and moments, for a satisfying and dynamic life.


Now that you've gotten to know me a little...

I invite you to also aspire for more, create balance and love the blooming self you become. 

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

What is it that you:

  • aspire for
  • need to balance in your life
  • want as the ideal you

Thank you for joining me on this journey!