Not So Newlywed

I was going through my bookshelf on New Year's Day in search of a forgotten treasure to read.  I came across Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Treasury A Special Collection for Newlyweds by Richard Carlson, PhD. 

With 15 years of marriage and 20 years of acquaintance, we are far from Newlywed status and so I put it on the chopping block for books to donate.  But as I read through the chapter listings: Don't interrupt others or finish their sentences; Be the first one to act lovingly; Choose being kind over being right; etc., I knew this is a great source of reminders for any relationship.  

I decided it would be fun to read a chapter a day and renew my commitment to Jerome.  I wondered if Jerome needs these reminders just as much as I do and so I will be reading them to him daily (I mean allowing him to choose to listen to the powerful lessons I will "just so happen to be" reading aloud in his presence).