The "R" Word

I was reading a post which I couldn't get out of my head:

A father uses the spoken word to reach out to others who may or may not understand that "words aren't afterthoughts/they're weapons, used for good or not".

That word has taken on a new meaning for me with a son that is on the spectrum.  I don't enjoy hearing it used mindlessly with all of its derogatory intent.  I also thought about the energy that goes into fighting against words or people that do things we don't like.  My energy is much better spent celebrating and fighting FOR the things I believe in.  I believe we are all different, special, unique and one of a kind.   Why should any of us feel bad about that?

My son can be rigid, adheres to schedules, likes rules and enforces them, most things are black and white to him and once he is fixated on something, good luck telling him otherwise or redirecting.  Is it autism spectrum or that he has my genes and is meant to be an accountant someday;)

He is also funny, kind, thoughtful, sensitive, grateful, animated and joyful. He loves all the things boys do - Avengers, robots, Legos, Hot Wheels etc. and at the same time can appreciate the beauty of a flower or Chihuly sculpture.  He is amazing in his complexity despite any labels.  

I plan to celebrate his wonderfulness and let go of negative energy surrounding words or other people's fears about differences.  

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

What do you want to stop fighting AGAINST and start celebrating/fighting FOR?