Spring Into Clean!

It's here! Spring flowers, sun and ... cleaning.  

Now here in wonderful Seattle it's still a bit dark and sometimes raining. Our first day of Spring, last week, rushed in the showers and I've seen pictures of the beautiful East Coast and all its snowy splendor. I am confident the sun is only a little lost and she will find her way to us again.  

Getting back to that other part, it's time to start anew and clear out the cave we've been hibernating in all winter.  Spring Clean!

I realized that March marks the 10 year anniversary of when we bought this house.  That's a pretty cool thing, but I also remember our very first home that we sold after 5 years to move here.  To get ready for the sale we had to spruce up and deeeeeep clean.  The dirt and grime we found hidden in corners and behind stationary furniture was disgusting! 

We're fine with the surface areas being all kept up, but I don't even remember the last time I've pulled out the fridge and see what's behind that thing.  

It's not that I don't care, I forget about things if they are not in my face (i.e. the dust monster that used to be the tiny cute dust bunny and the crusted old magnets that slid under or are hiding behind the fridge).

I'm a little scared now.  But I'm committed - to this big huge scary 'I will survive and get it done' project.    

I could spend all day and all weekend obsessing and going into convulsions stressing out to get this entire house done.  But instead I've created a relaxing manageable plan.  I call it the 'Room of the Month' project.  If I dedicate a month to each room, bathroom and hallway for a super deep, wall scrubbing, baseboard wiping, move the furniture out of the way, clean and maintenance, we can allocate time here and there to a specific area rather than trying to spread myself thin over the entire house during our coveted weekends, which is family time.

I realize the importance of having a clean space, and that our external space is truly a reflection of us on the inside.  So if we have clutter and junk everywhere, guess what we feel like inside?


If it's been awhile since you've taken care of yourself, are you more or less likely to care of your external environment? 

Now the opposite can be true as well, we might be so obsessive about something within ourselves that we may keep things overly clean and get a little anxious when things are out of order externally.  

Each extreme having their own implications on our internal zen.  

I want my space to allow me to breathe easily and feel clear, but I also want it to reflect a family that makes time for each other.

With that said Happy Spring and if you choose... Happy Cleaning!

I'd love to hear from you in the comment section...

What does your external space say about you?