The Funk and How the Heck to Get De-Funked

FUNK.  It's not the smelly kind (although it does stink to be in it), but the glazed eye, irritable, icky, tired and not so fun to be around mood, that we sometimes find ourselves in.  My most recent encounter went a little like this...

Wednesday: The third week of January I felt a funk coming on and was exhausted.  That's ok I can plug through it. Nope.

Thursday: Funk still full on in effect. I thought that lunch out at one of my favorite restaurants could turn it around. Nope.

Friday: Best day of the week was here and I wasn't even excited for the weekend and really just wanted to crawl under a rock rather than stare at my computer any longer.  I thought this was nothing a lunch with my best friend couldn't turn around.  Nope. Oh and FYI it's not a good idea to rely on another accountant, who's also going through year-end close and dealing with auditors, for some cheering up.  Bad, bad idea.  

I was irritable, negative, moody and not excited about anything.  

This wasn't me.  I needed to get out of this funk and let it be on its way.

I decided to go through the following steps to assess and de-funk:

1) Press pause - I took a time out and assessed what led me here.  It was a long and drawn out month and a half.  Winding down the Holidays and charging right into the busiest time of year at work and I decide to also launch a business and website while still working through my coach training program and being a mom, wife etc.  I realized that as crazy as work had been with long days and late nights, our weekends had still been jammed pack.  Just looking at the past three weekends - one three day weekend of coach training and two full weekends spent on website and business.  Zero time was spent on recharging or relaxing.  

2) Reset - I asked myself "What do I want to feel like and how do I want to show up?" I want to feel energized, excited about life, excited for all the opportunities that are out there and thankful for everything and everyone in my life.  Yup, now how do I get there...

3) Re-energize - I spent the entire weekend doing me. I caught up on Harry Potter Goblet of Fire, took a long hot bath, went through my 'Things I Love' list (I shared a short snippet in my earlier blog) and I took the boys to the park on an amazing sunny day and just watched them laugh and run and be.  I became present again, not worrying about what's behind me or what's next.  

4) Let go - I let go of the expectations that "everything needs to be done now" and "being busy means being successful."  It's a reminder that I will constantly need. As long as I'm breathing I will always be dancing with balance and trying to find the right blend at each moment.  

Recognizing the funk in early stages is key before letting it go too far.  I'm thankful that I have check-ins with myself and can identify when things just don't feel right.  When the funk is on, being able to press pause, reset, re-energize and let go really help me to find my way out if it.  I'm back to my high energy, excited, positive self.  

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

How do you ward off the funk or re-energize after hitting reset?