Under the Influence

This morning was an ordinary morning rushing to make school lunch, boys breakfast, get them cleaned up and out the door while trying to remember to pack my own lunch and to eat breakfast before I leave. 

In the midst of chaos I take moments to inhale deep breaths to calm and refocus on the next priority and then moving along on the checklist. 

Sounding like a heavy sigh, it is the release of a deep breath held for a few seconds after refilling my lungs and helping me pause for inner stillness.  This allows me to return to my tasks calm and present with my brain and body ready to kick in and catch up with the surroundings and urgency to get everyone to where they need to be on time.  This is in an effort to avoid stress, frustration, snapping or irritation.

While I was packing my lunch, my husband took the task of making sure faces and hands were washed up.  Jerome asked Brayden our oldest to come over to get washed.  Brayden slowly started to walk over and then stopped mid-path and closed his eyes. 

My husband and I both stopped to watch him, curious if it was pre-frustration meltdown from being asked to do something out of a usual order or frustration that he was in the middle of something and was jarred into another task without being prepped or being ready.  But he remained with his eyes closed, he drew his hands up to prayer pose in front of his heart.  And stood there. Breathing calmly and quietly.  He then started to bend and do another pose.  My youngest son called out – “Momma, Brayden’s doing yoga!”  And it clicked he was making calm in a moment when he needed it. 

Jerome looked at me amused and asked me what I’ve been teaching him.  I smiled and said he must watch me too much.

After Brayden’s short yoga session was done, I asked him, “What were you doing, were you calming yourself with yoga?”  He beamed at me and nodded.

We are all huge influences on these young impressionable ones, as they look to their parents, grandparents, teachers and others around them as examples, not just in what we tell them, but what we do and say in front of them.  I often forget that it’s also the small things that they pick up, habits we have made for ourselves and unconsciously do, like stopping for breath to regain composure and thought.

A great reminder that sometimes taking time for ourselves so that we can be present and aware of our influence isn't selfish, it’s for the benefit of everyone else as well.

I would love to hear from you in the comment section…

How do you use your influence?