Getting Uncomfortable

When life starts to consume and turns into possibilities that require action, require risk, and require a jump into the unknown, we start to get uncomfortable.  

With the unknown comes that feeling of anxiousness, the knot in the stomach, the hunched/tense shoulders, the shallow breathing, the thoughts running millions of miles per hour and being anywhere but here in your mind.  Facing fight or flight. Asking yourself "what do I do with this energy"? Do I use it to high tale it to my comfy bed and jump under the covers with a bag of salt & vinegar chips and tub of Molly Moons mint chocolate chip ice cream (insert favorite comfort snack of choice)?  Or use it to push myself through the uncomfortableness and into the completely unknown?  

In that moment I take a deep breath and leap.  I leap into action, planning my next several steps, leaping into that locomotive that has only one stop - success.  There is unknown in front of me but I'm hell bent on making it an amazing experience. Sure I fear failing, but what would I regret more, failing and end up learning from it or running and not knowing what I am missing out on.  There is that thought that flashes in my mind - what if life could be exactly the way I want it to be or even worse what if life could have been more amazing than I could have ever imagined and I missed out.  That would really suck. 

These three steps help with getting out of uncomfortable and into your power:

1) Be open - the more we avoid uncomfortableness, the greater the hold of fear takes over us and stops us from greatness. What could you achieve if you were open to being uncomfortable?

2) Allow - sometimes you may come across something that makes you feel not so smart or confident.  Allow it and feel it. What physical sensations are going on? What thought just ran through your head and created the feeling? When we fight uncomfortableness it persists and can even get worse.  Much like a tree bends in the wind to allow the wind to pass rather than fighting it and breaking in half, we too need to become flexible and allow the feelings and thoughts to be present in us and take their course.  If we become familiar with the feelings and the thoughts, then when they come up again we will be able to move through them faster.  

3) Be vulnerable  - it can be even more uncomfortable to be honest about our uncomfortableness or ask for help.  So we put on facades, walls and fronts.  Admitting our uncomfortableness may allow someone else to relate or give some advice.  If anything else we can be supported by people that care and able to face head on what we need to with the help of others.  The sum of efforts is always greater than one single effort.

That bed option is always available when and if you decide the uncomfortableness is too much, but as long as there is a glimmer of possibility that the unknown will be a fabulous treat waiting for you at the end of the uncomfortableness - why not choose push?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section...

What's getting you uncomfortable?