I'm a mom and a CPA.  I've been trained in accounting for money, big sums of money.  But this isn't where I got my own money savvy from.  It was from my parents.  They taught me the value of money, what hard work was and how to earn money for what I wanted.  I bought my first home by the time I was 21, graduated from college with ZERO debt...yes ZERO, bought my second home by 26 and have always lived within my means while living in style, traveling and living the way I want to.  As a family the only real debt we have ever had was our house payments.

Whether you too have this already and really want to know how to teach your kids about money, how to save and how to become an adult with only healthy debt (yes, there is such a thing),  or you still want to learn this for yourself so that you can raise your kids to do the same, I can help you.

How do you know you need Money Parenting...

  • Do you ever have to carry your crying, screaming kiddo out of the toy aisle demanding they go home with something, after they promised they just wanted to look?
  • Two weeks after Christmas are you hearing about what else you need to buy or what Santa forgot?
  • Are those same toys you bought for Christmas lying around waiting to get stepped on because they were thrown to the side and forgotten about?
  • Do you have constant hands reaching for your credit card for a new game, app, toys or shoes?
  • Every single commercial that comes up on the TV do you hear "OOoooooohhhh, I want that!"?

Did I mention I'm a certified professional coach, with money savvyness down to a science?  I learned what I know from my parents and want to help other parents raise their own financially savvy kids...are you clear on what money lessons your kids are learning from you?

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